Life Coach and Sales Specialist 
Connie Jean Catalano
Life Coach/Sales Specialist:
partner with you to accomplish your life vision and increase your sales so you are at you peak earning potential! being a sales professional equals great earnings. 



  • Individual Coaching
  • Sales Training
    Change Management
    Career Change Coaching
    Leadership Coaching
    Business Coaching
    Group Coaching
    Training Classes

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Create a plan and a process that gives you the tools to combat every challenge that faces you now and in the future!

Each time we make a change in our life or career it transitions us to a new environment and new goals and new processes. If you enjoy being a lifelong learner, you will enjoy the No Nonsense Coaching. This approach will aid you in creating a map to where you want to go and the customized best practice to get there.

My mission :

 .... as your No Nonsense Coach is to empower, inspire and guide you to a place where you are reaching your earning potential  and being yourself best self in your life and career. To leave a positive deposit in the hearts of my clients which comes from my own success, life experience, wisdom and enthusiasm leading to a desire for a lifelong success story.